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Lyra Celtica

Lyra Celtica
Lyra Celtica, a band that has travelled a long and difficult road to establish their name, can now thank themselves that their hard work dedication and love of traditional music is now paving the band members the dues they deserve.

Working tirelessly on the Scottish Folk Club circuit, the band have steadily built up a reputation amongst music lovers throughout the country. This achievement is all the more notable when one considers that several of the band members could have relied on their own individual reputations to propel them to the top of the tree.

This is not to say that the band is simply a “stramash” of talented musicians. The blend of music, and the musical chemistry between these four individuals, has been allowed to flourish and develop while the band has worked at establishing their name over the past 2 years in Scotland.

Lyra Celtica are: Chuck Fleming (fiddle, guitar and vocal), Lynn Tocker (accordion), Mark Canning (guitar) & Franke McGuire (vocal, bodhran & percussion).
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